You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses … ACTS 1:8


We’re creating a deliberate SPACE for personal prayer, encouragement, comfort and strengthening.

  • a SPACE to listen
  • a SPACE to share
  • a SPACE to receive
  • a SPACE to be affirmed

The LAUNCHPAD offers individuals and married couples a 45 minute appointment with a small team of pastorally sensitive and prophetically gifted believers.

Acts chapter 2 is often seen as the launching of the church. Before this, Jesus told his disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit’s empowering.

LAUNCHPAD is based upon those same words in Acts 1:8. We seek to provide a safe space for every believer to wait and have their Kingdom hopes fueled by God’s anointing presence.

Be Warned: this is not a passive exercise, where someone else will tell you what to do. Your involvement will be encouraged. Also the New Testament gift of prophecy needs to be weighed and prayerfully considered.

Remember, personal prophecies are conditional upon the individual’s response.

Therefore our hope is that the YCC LAUNCHPAD is a space where we can, together,

  • unpack and refocus, previous thoughts
  • discern the ‘new thing’
  • be prayerfully constructive about the way ahead



How do I get onto the YCC LAUNCHPAD?

  • Book an appointment – see below
  • Attend your LAUNCHPAD appointment – we encourage you to record your appointment, on a smart phone or similar, so you can prayerfully consider and weigh the contents of the session.


Click on the link below to book your appointment through SignUp for the YCC LAUNCHPAD. A name, email and contact number may well be requested – these are ONLY used for a confirmation email.

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