The Three Dimensional Christian

The 3-3D ChristianD Christian is a dynamic 12 week discipleship course that includes study notes, interactive material and special prayer advice. The 3-D Christian serves as a proven and valuable resource in equipping believers in their spiritual life – with a focus on our identity in Christ, practical insights on evangelism and an exploration of the benefits of biblical fellowship. The 3-D Christian is designed to be used by an individual to nurture their walk with God. Though in practice whole congregations have followed the course over 12 weeks to envision, encourage and equip the church in ministry and mission.



Access All Areas

Access All AreasAccess All Areas unpacks the potential of the small group Bible study by examining 6 different approaches to studying Scripture. Full of examples and practical advice, each chapter takes the same structure as Simon Rennie first defines the purpose of the Bible study style and then explains how it would work in a small group environment. Finally, the strengths and possible weaknesses of each study style is examined. This is must have resource for any small group leader and a handy book to kick start your own personal devotional life.



28 Days

28 DAYSNeed to kick start your Christian walk? Need to get back to Jesus? Over the next 28DAYS experience life with Jesus at the centre. READ THE 28 CHAPTERS OF MATTHEW’S GOSPEL OVER 28 DAYS … answering these three questions as you read:

  • What is Jesus telling you about himself?
  • What is Jesus telling you about yourself?
  • What is Jesus telling you to tell others?

This is not a study book, but more of a prayer journal to capture your journey with Jesus over the next four weeks.


Keep Blessing Your Community 

We have been using and very much recommend a booklet, Keep Blessing Your Community, which was written by Jill keep-blessing-your-community-bookletGower, who heads up a Prayer Movement called Call to Prayer in Norwich.

It is a 40-day prayer guide containing declarations, scriptures, blessings and prayers that individuals or groups can use over the place where they live.